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Bushmaster M4 Type Patrolman’s Carbine (90289)


Bushmaster M4 Patrolman’s Carbine (90289) – Price: $889.00

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Bushmaster M4 Type Patrolman’s Carbine (90289)

One of our most popular Carbine models, the M4 Type features a distinctive Military Barrel Profile and Six Position Telestock – great for 3 Gun Match Shooting, Home Defense and Law Enforcement use.

The Bushmaster A2 & A3 Type Patrolman’s Carbines are modeled after our M4 Type Carbines, but with additional barrel length to make them legal for sale to individual officers (semi-automatic configuration with 16″ barrel).

The 5.56mm/.223 Rem. caliber 16″ barrel is chrome lined in both bore and chamber for long wear life and ease of maintenance. For control of muzzle flash and muzzle rise in rapid fire, a “birdcage” type suppressor is factory installed. A mil. spec. manganese phosphate outer coating insures protection against corrosion or rust on the barrel and all critical steel parts of the weapon.

Depending upon customer preference, the Patrolman’s Carbine is available in three modes of fire operation: (1) Safe/Semi-Auto; (2) Safe/Semi-Auto/Full-Auto or (3) Safe/Semi-Auto/Three-Shot Burst. Forged, lightweight 7075T6 aircraft quality aluminum receivers are designed for simplicity of maintenance and reliability of operation and they incorporate all M16A2 design improvements including cartridge case deflector, bolt catch assembly and raised ribs for protection against accidental magazine release. A six position telescoping buttstock offers light weight, carrying ease and quick handling.

The telestock, pistol grip and two piece handguards are all molded of strong black thermoset composite material. The handguards are internally shielded against barrel heat build-up. The dual aperture M16A2 rear sight system on these carbines offer both windage and elevation adjustment calibrated in meters.

On the A2 Type – with fixed carry handle, adjustment range is from from 300 to 800 meters (1 Minute of Adjustment elevation and 1/2 M.o.A. windage). The A3 Type Patrolman’s Carbine includes a Removable Carry Handle – adjustment range is from from 300 to 600 meters (1/2 M.o.A. elevation and 1/2 M.o.A. windage).

Once the Carry Handle is removed, a wide variety of scopes, red dot or holographic sights, or night vision equipment may be mounted on the Upper Receiver’s integral Picatinny rail. Iron sight zero is completely repeatable when the handle is reattached by means of its knurled knobs.

The Bushmaster A2/A3 Type Patrolman’s Carbines are shipped complete with 30 round magazine, safety and operational manual, and carrying sling.


    • Caliber: 5.56mm or .223 Rem.
    • UPC: 604206072252
    • Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds (accepts all M16 type)
    • Overall Length: 34.75”
    • Length – Stock Retracted: 32.5″
    • Barrel Length: 16″
    • Rifling: 1 turn in 9” R.H. Twist / 6 grooves & lands
    • Weight w/o magazine A2 Type: 6.35 lbs.
    • Weight w/o magazine A3 Type: 6.7 lbs.
    • Weight of empty magazine: .25 lbs.
    • Weight of loaded magazine: 1.0 lbs.
    • Mode of Operation: Gas Operated
    • Cyclic rate of Fire: 700 – 950 rounds per minute 45 – 90 in Semi-Automatic
    • Mode of Operation: Semi-Automatic; or Semi-Auto / Full Auto; or Semi-Auto / 3 Shot Burst
    • Muzzle Velocity: M193 – 55 grain: 3130 ft./sec.
    • M855/SS109/C77 – 62 grain: 2990 ft./sec.
    • Muzzle Energy – M193 – 55 grain: 1200 ft.lbs.
    • M855/SS109/C77 – 62 grain: 1230 ft.lbs.
    • Includes a 6-Month Range Membership ($100 Value!)

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