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Range Fees

At Double Action You Don’t Pay Extra. It’s Included!

  • FREE use of Hearing Protection
  • FREE use of Eye Protection
  • FREE Paper Targets (up to 5)

Hand Gun Rentals Available:

  • $35.00 (plus the cost of ammo)
  • $20.00 (each additional rental)
  • $25.00 (rental for CPL holders)
  • $25.00 (rental with D/A Training Class)
  • You must be 21 to rent a handgun in Michigan

Important Note:

  • Any caliber LESS than .50AE is allowed on the pistol range.
  • Any caliber from .50AE through .30-06 is allowed on the rifle range
  • EXCLUDING 7.62 x 39 Russian
  • Rifle Range fees include handgun calibers of .50AE or higher, INCLUDING Thompson Center Firearms, will now be charged the $28.00 Rifle Range Rate.

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GENERAL PUBLIC (rates per person):

Time PeriodShooterPistol RatesRifle Rates
1/2 hourEveryone$16.00$22.00
1 hour1st Shooter$22.00$28.00
1 hourAll Others$6.00$6.00

MEMBERS (rates per person):

Time PeriodShooterPistol RatesRifle Rates
1 hourMember$15.00$20.00

LAW ENFORCEMENT & SENIORS: (rates per person)

Time PeriodShooterPistol RatesRifle Rates
1 hourLEO$19.00$22.00
1 hourSecurity$19.00$22.00
1 hourMilitary$19.00$22.00
1 hourSeniors (62+)$19.00$22.00

Hourly Group Rates Available for Law Enforcement, Security Companies and Private Parties:

  • $150.00 per hour (Pistol Range Only)

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