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Lancer Systems- LS L5 AR15 30, LSL59990000850 (#999-000-0850)

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Lancer Systems LS L5 AR-15 30

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Lancer Systems LS L5 AR-15 30


The L5 is a family translucent magazines developed for the 5.56mm AR15/M4/M16 rifle system. It has an impact resistant translucent polymer body, corrosion resistant steel feed lips and a removable, rubber coated bottom. The L5 was designed to be used with the existing magazine pouches and carriers.

The L5 20 Round and 30 Round Magazines have been tested and recommended by the members of the National Tactical Officers Association.

  • Increases Op-Tempo
    • Pre-combat inspections and checks
    • Post contact checks
    • Speeds ammunition consolidation
  • Tactical Magazine Changes
    • The rubber bottom and body texture improve gripping
    • Drops free from lower receivers
    • The magazine is designed to resist damage from rough handling, dropping and abuse
  • Vehicle Storage
    • The L5 can be stored loaded in unconditioned environments; from +180F to -50F
  • Ammunition Carry Policy
    • Rapidly know what’s loaded
  • Shared Resources – expedites shift change
    • Know your round count
    • Translucency allows range or shift personnel to see if their magazine is serviceable
  • Training Safety
    • Visual inspection lets everyone know how many rounds are on the firing line
    • Quickly Identify what’s loaded; live rounds, blanks or marker rounds

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