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Remington 6.8mm SPC Light Tactical Rifle – 26″ Hvy Fluted BBL 4+1 Kevlar Fiberglass Police Stock Palm Swell (275301)


Remington 6.8mm SPC Light Tactical Rifle (LTR) 27530

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Remington 6.8mm SPC Light Tactical Rifle (LTR) 27530

“While we’re on the subject of the 6.8×43mm SPC (Special Purpose Cartridge)/6.8 Rem SPC, Remington Arms has just introduced their 6.8mm SPC “Light Tactical Rifle” (LTR). The Remington 6.8mm SPC Light Tactical Rifle (LTR) is a bolt action medium-range sniper rifle appears to be based on the Remington Model 700 short action.

The 6.8×43mm SPC/6.8mm SPC and Reminton Model 700P Light Tactical Rifle (LTR) is an interesting marriage, and should prove quite affective for short to medium-range interdiction (sniping) in urban environments. It should prove particularly effective in the hands of law enforcement (LE) SWAT snipers. It would seem logical that the 6.8×43mm can effectively bridge the terminal-performance gap between the 5.56×45mm (.223) and 7.62×51mm (.308). The 6.8mm SPC can neutralize threats more quickly than the 5.56mm (non-central nervous system shots) while reducing the risk of target overpenetration associated with the 7.62×51mm (.308) cartridge. Reducing this risk is particularly important for law enforcement agencies, which always strive to… reduce collateral damage (i.e injury or death to innocent persons) while conducting hostage rescue operations and armed-threat neutralization operations….”†

† A thoughtful article in Defense Review by David Crane. The complete article can be viewed here.

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